Belvédère at the Grau d'Agde

What is the Belvédère?

The fish auction is a tidal market hall. Its role is to auction off fresh products brought in by fishermen for professional buyers.

With its location at the heart of the Grau d'Agde auction building, the Belvédère will immerse you in this often unknown activity.

With its 450 m² dedicated to the fishing industry in the Mediterranean, it is the only French auction in the Mediterranean basin open to the public.

During your visit, you can take advantage of the large windows allowing you to witness the various stages of this activity in real-time.

Guided by an expert, you will become knowledgeable about different fishing techniques, Mediterranean regulations, and the art of auction selling!  


All our tours are by reservation only.


What about our tours?

Whether you are alone or in a group, the Belvédère at the Grau d'Agde auction will be delighted to welcome you for a discovery-rich visit!

We are committed to offering you different tours, whether for young sailors or old sea wolves, for the duration of an auction or a day focused on Mediterranean fishing.

Open during the season for individual visits and year-round for groups of more than ten people.

All our tours are by reservation only.



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