Discover Belvédère at the Grau d'Agde


With its 450 m² visit circuit, the Grau d’Agde auction welcomes you to a specially designed space dedicated to the discovery of its activity.
Explore the various rooms following the fish circuit and observe the professionals who gather there daily. 


Located at the heart of the auction's visit, our boutique is open from Monday to Friday, outside visiting hours (or by request via phone at 00336 16 07 09 62).

You will find various souvenir items related to fishing and the sea: culinary preparations, decorations, books, stuffed animals, etc.

Not to mention our flagship product: the fish soup from the Grau d’Agde auction, available exclusively for sale.

Be sure to find something you'll love! 



A gourmet interlude that will give you a taste of the sea.

Our new tasting area welcomes both connoisseurs and epicures in search of new flavors. To offer you a 100% local and convivial experience, all seafood products tasted are sourced from the catch of our Agde-based vessels.

Please note that the tasting is only available in addition to the guided tour "Behind the Scenes of Fishing" from Monday to Friday at 10 am - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

Visit the "Prepare Your Visit" section for more information.